London Tantric Massage Benefits

The Benefits of Tantric Massage in London
In this fast moving lives that we have these days where nothing seems to be for keeps, there is one thing that has become a constant companion in our lives. Unfortunately, that constant companion that we are talking about is stress that creates nothing but havoc in our lives. Stress is one of the main reasons that we have given an open invitation to a lot of problems in our lives including a whole host of lifestyle diseases. Stress has also crept into our bedrooms and as a result, many modern day couples are losing interest or passion in each other just because they are so high strung always!

With the stress becoming such a big hindrance even medical practitioners are recommending alternative methods of healing. For example, if you are in London and are going in for couple’s therapy to a psychiatrist, do not be surprised if he or she recommends a Tantric massage London if your problems are minor and stress related. In recent years London Tantric massage has gained a lot of popularity as people from far and wide are coming in from far and wide to get the benefits of this massage.

The ancient tradition of Tantra
Although Tantric massage in London has gained popularity in recent years, the Tantric tradition is by no means new! In fact, it is a Hindu tradition that is more than 5000 years old. Tantra was an all inclusive way of life that sages used to practice in the far east many thousands of years ago. In this tradition, Shiva was revered as the all powerful, omnipotent force of life while Shakti was worshipped because she bore life within. Thus, when Shiva and Shakti came together they created life and ensured that there was balance and harmony in the universe.

In Tantric tradition thus a man and woman were considered equal partners in the maintaining balance in nature and the universe at large. Thus, as is visible, tantra though it is many years old is relevant even today, when men and women forget that they are equal partners and must work hand in hand to create maintain and preserve the balance as nature would have it. Tantric massage in the modern day context is all about awakening the kundalini that is the base chakra that is to be found in the anal region.

Can work like magic for a couple in trouble
Tantra preaches that there are seven chakras in each human body and when there is free flow of energies between these chakras then a man or woman is stress free and at peace and can perform to the best of her abilities. But more often than not, stress causes blockages thus restricting the free flow of energies. When a couple opts for Tantric London massage, their kundalini or the seat of all sexual energies is invoked and awakened. As a result of a single massage session a man or a woman can feel rejuvenated.

With all the unnecessary ego and hurt that they might be held against each other melting away, they can enjoy sex just like the way they used to do earlier. It would therefore be no exaggeration to say that London Tantric massage can not only replenish your body, mind a soul, it can also play a role in saving your marriage or relationship if it is going through a strain.

Tantric massage London can be availed of not just by couples but by any individual. It is so powerful a massage that it can rid you of things such as premature ejaculation, infertility and general lack of interest in making love because you have diffidence issues. That apart, it can also help you tide over bouts of anxiety, anger and depression.

A lot of people experience a multitude of emotions while going through a session of Tantric massage London. A lot of issues that may have been swept under the carpet by the mind are brought to the fore during the course of this massage. In case you have such an experience, do not try to hold back and submit yourself to your therapist. A therapist proficient in tantric massage London is well equipped to handle such episodes and will take care of you.

All you need to do while going in for tantric massage London, is to go with good intentions and the willingness to submit to your therapist and you will find that such a session of tantric massage London is a life transforming experience.

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