Tantric London Massage
A healing tantric London massage is a massage that unifies the spiritual with the physical and can benefit the receiver in many positive ways. The philosophy behind the Tantric London massages is to help the receiver get acquainted with her or his own body, learn how to receive pleasure, and relax. One of the core statements of Tantric philosophy is the idea that sexual activities can be much more than mere pleasure.

Tantra has many techniques which can help a practitioner to master their sexual energy for the benefits of body, mind and spirit. Among them is the Tantric London incall massage, which is an integral part of complex Tantric Arts. Tantra itself is often described as achieving personal growth by means of enjoyable existence. The massage, although does tend to cause orgasms, has the actual aim of connecting spirit with form. It is to embrace compassion and experience love through the beauty of the earth and all existence.

On a more practical level, the Tantric massage is a full body erotic massage that includes massaging the male and female sexual organs as well, which are known as Yoni (the female sexual organ) and Lingam (the male sexual organ). However, as already mentioned the sexual gratification is not the main goal of the sessions and is considered an added benefit.

It is difficult to explain the intense feelings even after someone has experienced it, because Tantric Massage as well as its delivery is just open to artistic interpretation. It easily controls and extends body and mental pleasures with planned, specialist human touch in such an erotic approach. Tantric massage has proven to work for injuries, illnesses and even couples can take advantage of the amazing healing powers to increase closeness and spiritual well being. Tantra uses fundamentals like love, compassion and trust instead of sex.

Tantric London
Tantric London massages are renowned for coping or easing with stress and tension, some are purely more enjoyable while others are offered to relieve specific conditions. Tantra London aims to deal with body and mind as a whole devoid of isolating any body part. Another important part of the Tantric London massage is the rule that all and every part of the body can be touched – the Lingam and the Yoni are just not the only pasts to be massaged because sensual receptors are found all over the body. The receiver is encouraged to surrender completely to the sensation, and let his or her sexual energy be guided and channeled by the therapist. Sometimes, the various techniques could be used to address certain health issues too, but the main goal is to awaken the senses, release any built-up tension, and arouse the sexual energy.

Tantric massage in London serves people without compromising on the tradition and the cultural aspects of this eastern philosophy. The incall massage offered are done by genuine and professional person, as it is very important for the massage receiver and giver to trust and like each other. It can alleviate immense emotional buildups and stress straight away and offer enormous relief by opening up the body energy centers. Tantric London massage is secure as long as you do it with a trusted source.

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