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Did you know that in ancient mythology, Voluptas was the daughter of Cupid and Psyche and that she was the goddess of sensual pleasures? At Voluptas, Massage London Victoria we are well aware of this and know the benefits of an erotic tantric massage. That is why we have invested our time and money in order to ensure that we give you the best experience of a tantric massage than you will ever will. First, let us take a moment to understand what a tantric massage is. A tantric massage is a full body and naturalist when your sexual energy is awakened and then spread around the whole body leading to a total sensual pleasure.

How the erotic tantric massage London Victoria works
In order to provide a perfect erotic massage we ensure that all our masseuses are highly trained, professional, and very welcoming. A perfect erotic massage consists of soft gentle strokes, hands, as well as the masseuse’s body to massage your whole body. The masseuse also synchronizes your breathing with hers in order to ensure that your sexual energy flows through your entire body causing total relaxation, circulating healing energy, and heightening your sense of smell, touch, and imagination. By using fine natural oils, it becomes much easier to induce that state of calmness and relaxation.

Our services
At Victoria tantric massage parlour, we are aware that every client is special and thus we have tailor-made packages for all our customers.

Adult massage-we offer the best adult naturalist massages in London and its environs. The sensual and stimulating tantric adult massages are conducted in the privacy of our luxury appt.

VIP massages-for those who want an extra dose of pampering and the treatment that befits a king, we have our VIP massage services that we promise you will fall in love with.

Incall massages. For those of you who do not hours or even a whole day to spend in one of our massage parlours, we have the Incall massage sessions. The Incall massage sessions run for 90 minutes. The Incall massages usually target people seeking to relax mental tensions and start with a head and shoulder Swedish massage, followed by a limited sensual body massage.

Why chose us? is a sanctuary for indulgence and this is where you will find a truly first-hand experience of Tantra. Here we offer you a fantastic escape from the tribulations of every day work and family and strive to be the embodiment of Voluptas. Our serene and sensuous surroundings create an ideal environment for your mental and physical renewal. In addition to this we ensure that all masseuses at Victoria tantric massage parlour are not only sensitive but also highly attuned, and responsive to all your needs. With their intuitive touches, you get to experience the erotic sensory pleasures that truly define a perfect Victorian tantric massage.

At our massage parlours we offer Incall massage sessions with oils and elixirs that contain the finest organic ingredients to help deliver a feeling of well being. Lastly but definitely not least, we are located next to the Victoria tube station and have discrete private accommodation.

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To enjoy our services or to seek any assistance please find us at or call us at 0774 529 6232 to book your appointment.

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