Westminster Tantric massage W1 & SW1:
A one of a kind experience
Are you feeling, lonely, depressed and unloved? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Why not come in for a wonderful tantric massage session at Voluptas Massage Parlour SW1 and get a great westminster tantric massage. if you are a local or are visiting Victoria? People often underestimate the power of tantra. They think of it as just another erotic massage, but truth be told, it is far more than just an erotic massage! It is a massage that rejuvenates your senses and is sure to make you feel like a new man, just like the way you used to feel when you first started dating or touched your first girlfriend!

The ancient tradition of Tantra

SW1 tantric massage has gained immense popularity in recent times, with many people coming in from far and wide to avail the benefits of the same. Tantra however is nothing new! Tantra was an ancient way of spiritual awakening that was practiced by accomplished sages in India more than 5000 years ago. The tantric way of life was an all encompassing spiritual awareness that came from being completely aware of one’s physical self. Our body has seven chakras or wheels of energy that have different functions and there must be a free flow of energies through one’s body so that each of these chakras can function optimally.

Out of the these seven chakras, the most important one according to Tantric tradition was the base chakra or kundalini that is situated in the pelvic area. It is the seat of all sensuousness and desire and also responsible for a multitude of emotions that time and again wreck the human body. If the kundalini is awake and functioning properly, it sends out positive waves of energy throughout one’s body and can maintain physical and emotional balance. Therapists who are proficient in Tantric massage in SW1 work towards awakening this very seat of energy when you opt for a tantric massage.

The Tantric way of healing

In today’s fast moving world the one thing that has become an omnipresent companion of the modern man is stress. It is stress that is responsible for not just a whole lot of lifestyle diseases, it is also negatively impacting the sex lives of modern men and women. This is the very reason that there has been an alarming rise is sexual related problems in recent years. People go to counsellors and sexologists to take care of these issues, but they remain unaware that instead of spending big bucks on “treatment”, it would be immensely beneficial if they opted for tantric massage in SW1.

If you are in Victoria or thereabouts, all you need to do is pick up your phone and give a buzz to a reputed place that offer tantric massage in SW1. A simple internet search will give you a whole host of options. A good an reputed salon or spa that offers such services will have a proper website that will give you all the details you need to know about tantric massage SW1. As long as you are going to an wellness centre of repute you will have little to worry about the safety aspect.

Go in with a lot of belief and submit yourself in the hands of a proficient tantric massage specialist in SW1. In fact, if you want a better experience it is always recommended that you have a frank chat with her and tell her about your sexual problems, just like the way you would have discussed with the doctor or sexologist. One she is aware of your issues she can focus on certain strokes and moves that will be of greater benefit to you.

There is only one ground rule of tantric massage SW1. Do not think of it as an erotic massage and make lewd comments or suggestions to your therapist as she has the liberty to stop anytime she wants if she feels your attitude is not right. Although this is a massage that will be about your sex organs and private parts that arouse you, but that is not its sole purpose. You must be totally respectful towards your therapist to get the full benefits of tantric massage SW1.

If you have not had a tantric massage experience yet, SW1 tantric massage is highly recommended for you, as there are a few things in life that is more enjoyable or relaxing and has the ability of firing up your libido in a manner you had never imagined!

Our massage parlour is only a short walk from Westminster W1, Mayfair and Park Lane so you don’t have to feel left out and we would love for your to come and spend some time with us.

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