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Time in a massage parlour in London is about pampering and relaxation, but can be much more than that. Tantric Massage calls for an open mind and letting go of inhibitions and it is important to communicate your needs to get the best out of the massage experience.

At Voluptas in London SW1 we take into consideration a number of factors, for instance; the length of the visit, what can be achieved in a quick lunchtime break massage and the benefit of a stay of several hours.

A session in the hands of our skilled tantric massage goddesses, together with the use of fine natural oils, will induce a state of calm. The rhythm of the body to body massage will help you become in touch with an array of sensory feelings.

Tantric massage is designed to help you let go your inhibitions allowing you to start to experience the sense of touch as if for the first time. Abandoning one’s spirit to sensuality and book your appointment today.

The incall massage sessions in SW1 are all deliciously indulgent. The oils and elixirs contain the finest organic ingredients to help deliver relaxation and a feeling of well being. Those seeking to relax mental tensions and find a calm state of being could book a 90min incall massage. Starting with a head and shoulder Swedish massage and continuing with a sensual body to body Tantric massage and a variety of services throughout for the ultimate treat. It transports you to a realm of sensuous delights and revives your spirit. Our incall sessions in SW1 have captured the hearts and earned the loyalty of many lovers of pleasure.

1 hour of neo Tantric massage at Victoria Tantric sw1 includes a combination of massage techniques. Our Signature massage is designed to relax the body first then takes you on a sensual and erotic journey of discovery.

1 hr including Lingam Massage and prostate massage £130

1 hr including Lingam Massage, Yoni massage, prostate massage £160

1 hr mutual 2way massage includes all the above and so much more £200

By appointment only – please call 02078285332 – appointments by text or email will not be taken.

More information about your time with us

  • If delayed please call and let us know
  • Upon arrival please switch off your phone
  • Credit cards and cheques are not accepted
  • Meter parking nearby, free parking Sundays
  • We provide refreshments, shower facilities
  • Fresh clean towels, toiletries
  • We use organic fragrance free spa quality massage oils

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Sensual Massage in London
There is nothing as intimate as getting a sensual massage. If you are looking for such an incredible moment, London is the right place to go to. You will be able to get erotic treatment that you will never forget. Sensual massage providers in London have menus with a range of erotic treatment. You therefore have to simply choose the one you wish to enjoy.

Professional Masseuses
You will be handled by professionally qualified masseuses that have many years of experience in this field. They know all the clients need due to their high level of experience. You will therefore not only enjoy the pleasure that comes along with the massage, but also the great company of the masseuses. In additional to their experience, they also have an incredible erotic side. They really know how to give a blissful enjoyment to their clients. With their outstanding beauty, they will ensure that you are stimulated in all the right body parts. Most sensual massage providers offer both incall and outcall services. This is an advantage if you don’t enjoy going out. You can therefore receive the ladies and enjoy the sensational moment in your private residence or hotel room.

Most popular massages offered.

Body to Body Massage
One of the best massages is the Body to Body Massage. This massage helps you form a close and intimate relationship with the one administering it. The massage is not only pleasurable but also helps you to unclog sexual urges.

Tantric Massage

You can also opt to have the Tantric Massage. This is also one of the best massage since it starts off with deep tissue techniques. These technique ensure that all your weary muscles are first relaxed. Once your body muscles are totally relaxed, the session progresses into a more intimate stage. At this stage, the therapist caresses a teases your most sensitive body parts ensuring that you achieve optimum pleasure. In this sensual massage, the masseuses normally pampers the client’s body parts taking the receiver to a new world of ecstasy. The massage uses exclusive gels and oils to boost the pleasure and relaxation.

Erotic massage

This is the most popular type of massage. In the erotic massage, hand strokes are usually directed towards the erogenous body parts. The aim of this move is to cure loss of vigour. The rubbing and massaging requires a masseuses with high level of skills.

Prostate massage

This type of sensual massage applies a lot of pampering and caressing. The masseuses focuses on the prostate glands of the male client and pampers and strokes them passionately. The main aim of the massage is to ignite lost sexual passion. The gentle stroking and pampering is extremely arousing such that the sexual desire is ultimately relieved. The reason for targeting the prostrate glad is that this is the body part in a male’s body that is meant for sexual orientation. It is thus the best part that can help bring back sexual desires when they are lost.

Nuru massage

This is an extremely arousing massage session. In Nuru massage, the bodies of both the massage giver and taker are oiled completely. They are then rubbed vigorously. It is a traditional Japanese massage that uses exclusive gels to increase the pleasure.

Why sensual massage is very popular in London.
If you have ever travelled to London, you know how busy the city is. Being one of the busiest places in the world, you are likely to undergo a lot of stressful moments as you go through your day to day activities. Different people come to this city for different reasons. Some come for work trips, business activities while others come to simply explore the different tourist locations in this great place. No matter what brings you to London, the constant thing is that you are likely to undergo some kind of stress. A sensual massage is a perfect pleasure when you have had a busy and stressful day.

You need a break and proper care especially after a tiring day. The sensual massage helps in relaxing both your body and mind. You can therefore face the next day when you are fully relaxed. Sensual massages also bring back lost sexual passion. One of the major causes of loss of sexual pleasure is stress and fatigue. It is thus advisable that you seek expert’s services when you find yourself in such a situation.

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